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Linking Herders to Carbon Markets, Mongolia
HAFL provides solid scientific support for the assessment on the feasibility of carbon sequestration in Mongolia. Together with Mongolian partners, economic models (based on value chain analysis, cost and benefit analysis of potential improvement of livestock production and main survey results) will be elaborated. Beside several thematic publications, a publication on the feasibility of linking Mongolian herders to the international carbon markets, will be made.
Departement BFH | Hochschule für Agrar-, Forst- und Lebensmittelwissenschaften
Forschungsschwerpunkt Ressourceneffiziente landwirtschaftliche Produktionssysteme
Forschungsfeld Internationale Landwirtschaft und ländliche Entwicklung
Projektziel Enhance & document carbon sequestration in degraded Mongolian grassland through improved rangeland mgmt. Additionally sequestered carbon is sold on Voluntary Carbon Credit Market. Show benefits of land conservation to Mongolian stakeholders
Kernkompetenzen value chain analysis, cost and benefit analysis, surveys
Schlüsselwörter carbon sequestration, survey, carbon market, carbon finance
Ergebnisse So far 5 sub-studies and one synthesis report have been elaborated (all still draft versions); these reports will be finalized and published in various forms in 2013
Projektverantwortliche/r Fritz Schneider,
Projektleiter/in Dominique Guenat,
Projektteam Johanna Gysin
Thomas Brunner
Karin Zbinden
Therese Haller
Mitwirkende Projektpartner öffentliche Hand DEZA,

MSRM-Mongolian Society for Range Management,

PIU Mongolei,


Projektbeginn 20.07.2011
Geplantes Projektende 31.12.2013
Projektende 31.12.2014
Valorisation Diplomarbeit / Semesterarbeiten 1
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