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Werkzeuge für nachhaltige und produktive Wassernutzung in der kleinbäuerlichen Landwirtschaft
A practicable methodology to assess water availability for irrigation is developed in order to avoid overuse of water resources and conflicts. A tool supporting small-scale farmers in optimizing farming operations in terms of income and water productivity is elaborated, verified and disseminated. A simple tool indicating crop irrigation requirement is tested, adapted and promoted. Scientific support is provided to specific studies focusing on the productive use of water.
Departement BFH | Hochschule für Agrar-, Forst- und Lebensmittelwissenschaften
Forschungsschwerpunkt Ressourceneffiziente landwirtschaftliche Produktionssysteme
Forschungsfeld Internationale Landwirtschaft und ländliche Entwicklung
Projektziel Develop practicable tools that allow assessing water availability for irrigation in a defined area, optimizing crop production in terms of income and water productivity, and facilitate irrigation scheduling.
Kernkompetenzen Good agricultural practices, Water management in agriculture, Market analysis, Concept and tool development, Modeling, Hydrology
Schlüsselwörter Water availability, water use master plan, water productivity, irrigation requirement
Projektverantwortliche/r Christoph Studer,
Projektleiter/in Christoph Studer,
Projektteam Simon Spöhel
Christoph Studer
Mitwirkende Projektpartner Wirtschaft International Development Enterprises,
Projektbeginn 01.01.2014
Geplantes Projektende 31.12.2016
Letzte Änderung 31.03.2015